2002 – April

In April I finally got a permanent job, in the South West of England so now the threesome has become a twosome with Ian & I moving down to Chippenham and leaving Brett in Edinburgh – but not before a great night out with all the friends we had made during our time in Edinburgh, our new friends most of which will remain close made this period in our lives special, thanks to you all. Our first day in Chippenham was so successful, Ian found temporary work, we found our house which is a riot of colour and suited us perfectly it even has a back yard!!, found where I was to work and the bus to get there. The hire car was to be dropped off in Bath, this is a beautiful town, we walked around taking it all in then grabbed a coffee & headed to the gardens where we sat under a large cherry tree and enjoyed our surroundings. Our first purchase was a couple of bikes – cycles that is & I hate to admit that they are matching! but this gave us the freedom of the road albeit the short road. Our first trip was to Avebury where the village is surrounded by standing stones, after a pub lunch and visit to the museum it was time to head back a nice round 34 mile trip – maybe a bit adventurous for our first ride or so my body felt the next day. The following weekend we cycled to Laycock Abbey, checked out the Fox Talbot photography museum and the abbey itself.