2002 – August

Manchester held this years commonwealth games and luckily we managed to get tickets to the Rugby 7’s semi finals and the final of the Netball, both of which the kiwis had made it through and in the 7’s actually won. The netball was one of the most exciting games I have seen, even the blokes got right into it and were yelling even louder than us girls. We had Lots of visitors this month with Ian’s parents, Martin and Hillary, staying for 3 weeks, Aaron and Vicky poping in for a night before starting their Europe trek and also Brett and Jill came down from Edinburgh for a weekend. This meant doing all the touristy things the South West has to offer including Stonehenge, a maize maze (here I must mention in the girls v’s boys race the GIRLS won), Haynes museum (a must for blokes), Bath, Avebury, Lacock etc etc….. This was a good opportunity to get the old BBQ out and for Ian to show off his culinary skills, hope everyone liked well done!