2002 – October

Another wedding this time in Bremen, Germany, Kiki’s home town. We flew into Hamburg where Richard & Kiki picked us up before we met up with other family/friends going to the wedding, Kiki gave us a walking tour of Hamburg before heading off to Bremen with a quick stop at her parents before going to our hotel. Next day we went to the civil service for her brother and his new wife (double wedding) before doing a bit of site seeing and of course enjoying a Becks (Bremen is the home of Becks and also the fable the town minstrels of Bremen). That night we met up with the rest of the Edinburgh crowd for dinner, drinks and clubbing getting home at some horrible hour. Lucky the wedding was in the afternoon as we all got up late with just enough time to scrub up and jump on the bus to take us to the church. The service was lovely and even though in German you got the jist of it, the couples left the church to lots of red balloons being released then it was on to the champagne reception where bubbly was had by all and the cutting of the cake was done. Photos of everyone were taken before we jumped on the bus to be taken to the evening reception for cocktails, live music and a fabulous dinner – the desert was a stage show in itself with fireworks and everything. Next came the usual dancing but with a few German traditions as well, also every a a piece of a picture to paint on a canvas for the couples as well as a recipe book made with recipes from each guest and we all got a post card to send on a certain date so they get one a week for a year. Unfortunately we had to head home the next day so we caught a double decker train to Hamburg and then the airport bus back to catch our flight home.


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