2002 – November

This was a big rugby month with the AB’s playing England and Wales, we got tickets for the AB’s v’s Wales at Cardiff, Thornton stayed for the weekend and we picked up Mark and Tony up on the way to the game in our NEW CAR, which for £100 was a bargain (even if we had to change a tyre on the way home because it had a nasty bulge) AB’s did us proud even though the game itself wasn’t all that exciting. After the match we headed into the city for a few beers and a bite to eat soaking up the Welsh atmosphere who even though had lost were still in high spirits. Now we have a car there’s no stopping us first we’re off to Stonehenge via Old Sarum which we found because we got a bit lost and went the wrong way but this is a cool ruin of a castle near Salisbury. We also went off to search for the white kiwi, like the white horses but was made by kiwi solders stationed here during the war. After finding the town (the kiwi pub and Picton Kiwi Barracks gave it away) we headed up the hill doing a bit of off roading which we both decided wasn’t such a great idea even if it was fun. Never actually saw it but the locals said it was there. To end the day we stopped in Marlborough for tea & scones with jam and clotted cream – very nice.