2002 – December

Back to Germany this time to stay with Richard & Kiki in Munich and check out the famous German Christmas markets. We were flying on Friday the 13th, now this should have been an omen. We just arrive at London city airport just in time only to find that the airport is closed due to fog, after frantically ringing airlines and not finding any flights out till the Monday, checking bus and eurostar timetables we give up and head home. However while waiting for the train we find a add for Air Berlin in the metro – give them a call and get a flight to Nurnberg (kind of close to Munich where we actually wanted to be) for the next morning so it’s a quick call to friends to crash the night before finally flying out the next day. Richard and Kiki picked us up and we visited the Nurnburg Markets – the most famous before driving to Munich, after setting into their flat we were back out to more markets, listening to some funky music, buying more handcrafts, eating German sausage and drinking Gluhwien. The best being gluhwien mixed with rum with a flaming sugar cube – yum. Next morning we had time for a quick walk around Munich ( R&K live right in the centre only 2 minutes from the Hofbrauhaus) then another Christmas market before heading home.
Christmas arrived and Ian & I celebrated at home, with long calls back to NZ and a roast, it’s just not the same without friends and family around.