2004 – March

We brought a new car, as ours failed the MOT (WOF) and wasn’t worth fixing, once again getting a Vauxhall caviller just much newer and far less miles on the clock. To give it a proper test drive we decided to pop over to France for dinner, we raced to the M25 after work and picked up Mike before continuing to Folkestone to get the Euro Tunnel for the 35 minute trip to Calais. Having been so well prepared we forgot a map so followed or noses into town for dinner (the French are quite mad but fun!) before checking out the hypermarkets which happened to be closed as it was after 11pm then heading back to London for 2am. Kiki and Richard also came to visit and we had a great weekend with plenty of fine food and champagne to celebrate Kiki’s successful job interview for a new position in Motorola. Rebecca our new flatmate also moved in, which has worked out wonderfully.


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