2004 – August

A quick trip to Melbourne for Stephs wedding in between shopping for things for the flat. It was a bit of a disaster to start with as I forgot my dress and we had to turn back after 10minutes to get it, then there was a accident on the M4 and we were standstill for over an hour, we accidentally queue jumped at check in which was a good thing as the queue was massive and we were late and finally we left the wedding present on a trolley at departures. Being the bridesmaid I spent the week before the wedding with Steph doing all the last minute things while Ian went home to NZ to visit family & friends. Alan came over for the weekend and it was great to catch up, just a shame it was only a couple of day and the kitchen tea and hens night kept me busy one of those days. The day arrived and it felt good to be dressed up and lady like, Steph looked beautiful, and we even made it to bramley on time for the service. The service was lovely and the vows enough to make you cry, then onto the reception where Ian had to dance with me, we really need to learn to dance properly our waltz was bad, really bad. It was a lovely night. All too soon it was time to go back to the UK luckily with no dramas.