2005 – January

A bit of English culture to start the year off, at the Straw bear festival. Nigel belongs to a Morris side who regularly dances at the event took us with them to Whittlesea, Friday night we went to the Pig Dyke Mollies social evening for a few beers and dancing (folk dancing like a Ceilidh) then Saturday we watch the parade of the straw bear (a bloke covered all over with straw) and all the different Morris & Mollie sides dancing. In the evening we went to the local pub to listen to all the musicians playing impromptu sets, it was great I even got to have a go at playing a Bodhran (handheld drum) which I’m now looking at getting lessons. Sunday was the burning of the bear, after more displays of dancing and folk music we followed the straw bear out into a field where they burnt the straw suit (minus the man!) to bring luck for next years crops.
Rebecca, our flat mate move out at the end of the month, so we helped her pack and drive the van to London and stayed the night before bringing the van back to Bristol.