May Day Bank Holiday

A quick trip to Munich to visit Richard and Kiki, who are well on their way to becoming parents with only a month to go. It was great to relax and enjoy such good company. We visited the town of Augsburg, visited the Fuggerei where the rent for the homes was and is still one Rheinischer Gulden per year (equivalent to 0.88 Euros), as well as three daily prayers for the current owners of the Fuggerei. Best of all we had a tour through the Audi factory in Ingolstadt where they make the A3, A4 and TT. It was by far the most impressive production facility I have ever seen, the tour took us right through the production area so close to the robots building the shells and along the more manual building of the interior. I now have a new appreciation of Audi’s. Too soon it was time to come home and back to work.

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