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Mechanical Guitar Machine

Saw this guy and his cool machine a few years ago. Cycled there last Saturday and he was back and I had my camera ready. Click on the photos for the video. Here’s Phils website:

Bath Street Performer with his guitar machine
Bath Street Performer with his guitar machine

Sharleen Spiteri – Bristol

Absolutely amazing. She is a truly professional performer. Had a good selection of her new solo hits and the good stuff from Texas. I have been waiting a long time to see her in concert and she surpassed all expectations. I had no idea she had so much energy, it even seemed to rub off to the Bristol crowd. I have never seen so many people dancing at the Colston Hall.

Sharleen Spiteri

Washing Machine Woes

Rear seal gone – bearings rusting on a 3 year old machine used by two people. Ariston Margherita 2000 ALD12S UK. Apparently that machine has had three different sets of bearings and seals. So to order spares, I have to take apart the machine and measure them. Not ideal as I would like to have the parts ready so I can do the whole lot in one go, not leave the machine apart while I wait for spares to arrive in the mail.

Whatever idiot thought that was a good idea at Merloni should be fired!!!

Access Panel Removed Pully Removed Rear Bearing 2 Rear Bearing 1

Washing Machine

Just before our new flat mate moved in, and just as we were going on holiday the washing machine started doing strange things. Luckily with a bit of help from the internet it was tracked down to being a coin stuck in the coin trap and blocking the drain pump. Another benefit was I got back a Stonehenge souvenir that had been nicely cleaned.

The guilty coin

Visiting Nigel and Val

Oil Painting Spatula #10Met Nigel and Val at a car boot sale at Wotton-under-Edge near our work. Picked up a bargain, an oil painting spatula. I asked the guy how much and he said 20p, then I heard his partner say in the background, how much did you say – 50p? I felt that 20p wasn’t enough so I paid the 50p 🙂 Could have spent more, but thought at the end of the day I don’t really need it.

We then went back to their house for a cup of tea before lunch at Weighbridge Inn, had a 2in1 Turkey and Trimmings that was pretty filling. The Inn had a lot of old keys hanging from the roof, hopefully we’ll go there with Sarah when she comes over.