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2003 – March

This month Ian lived on beans & pizza as I had 2 & 1/2 weeks of being spoilt at HOME. I spent the time chillin out at home with family, catching up with friends and eating all that good old kiwi food which we don’t get in the UK. During this time home my best friend, Steph, rang Mum cause she’d been ringing me in the UK for 5 hours with no answer, (guess who spent all his time glued to the computer!!) Lucky for Ian she had such great news she couldn’t be too mad – we’ll be off to Melbourne next year for her wedding.

2003 – January

We started our new jobs at Renishaw on the 6th – working together again – It’s situated in a beautiful setting the main building being an old renovated mill with a small lake containing ducks and swans, peacocks running round the grounds. The work is great and the culture so much like Fisher & Paykel we both feel right at home. Ian’s cousin, Emma, visits with us so we do the tourist thing and go to Bath and Castle Combe, the next weekend Brett stays and we head back to Castle Combe where we sit in the bar all afternoon playing monopoly, not sure who won but Brett and I are sure it wasn’t Ian!! Checked out Bristol suspension bridge and @Bristol explore centre the next day and had a great time playing with all the interactive learning stuff there.

2002 – December

Back to Germany this time to stay with Richard & Kiki in Munich and check out the famous German Christmas markets. We were flying on Friday the 13th, now this should have been an omen. We just arrive at London city airport just in time only to find that the airport is closed due to fog, after frantically ringing airlines and not finding any flights out till the Monday, checking bus and eurostar timetables we give up and head home. However while waiting for the train we find a add for Air Berlin in the metro – give them a call and get a flight to Nurnberg (kind of close to Munich where we actually wanted to be) for the next morning so it’s a quick call to friends to crash the night before finally flying out the next day. Richard and Kiki picked us up and we visited the Nurnburg Markets – the most famous before driving to Munich, after setting into their flat we were back out to more markets, listening to some funky music, buying more handcrafts, eating German sausage and drinking Gluhwien. The best being gluhwien mixed with rum with a flaming sugar cube – yum. Next morning we had time for a quick walk around Munich ( R&K live right in the centre only 2 minutes from the Hofbrauhaus) then another Christmas market before heading home.
Christmas arrived and Ian & I celebrated at home, with long calls back to NZ and a roast, it’s just not the same without friends and family around.

2002 – November

This was a big rugby month with the AB’s playing England and Wales, we got tickets for the AB’s v’s Wales at Cardiff, Thornton stayed for the weekend and we picked up Mark and Tony up on the way to the game in our NEW CAR, which for £100 was a bargain (even if we had to change a tyre on the way home because it had a nasty bulge) AB’s did us proud even though the game itself wasn’t all that exciting. After the match we headed into the city for a few beers and a bite to eat soaking up the Welsh atmosphere who even though had lost were still in high spirits. Now we have a car there’s no stopping us first we’re off to Stonehenge via Old Sarum which we found because we got a bit lost and went the wrong way but this is a cool ruin of a castle near Salisbury. We also went off to search for the white kiwi, like the white horses but was made by kiwi solders stationed here during the war. After finding the town (the kiwi pub and Picton Kiwi Barracks gave it away) we headed up the hill doing a bit of off roading which we both decided wasn’t such a great idea even if it was fun. Never actually saw it but the locals said it was there. To end the day we stopped in Marlborough for tea & scones with jam and clotted cream – very nice.

2002 – October

Another wedding this time in Bremen, Germany, Kiki’s home town. We flew into Hamburg where Richard & Kiki picked us up before we met up with other family/friends going to the wedding, Kiki gave us a walking tour of Hamburg before heading off to Bremen with a quick stop at her parents before going to our hotel. Next day we went to the civil service for her brother and his new wife (double wedding) before doing a bit of site seeing and of course enjoying a Becks (Bremen is the home of Becks and also the fable the town minstrels of Bremen). That night we met up with the rest of the Edinburgh crowd for dinner, drinks and clubbing getting home at some horrible hour. Lucky the wedding was in the afternoon as we all got up late with just enough time to scrub up and jump on the bus to take us to the church. The service was lovely and even though in German you got the jist of it, the couples left the church to lots of red balloons being released then it was on to the champagne reception where bubbly was had by all and the cutting of the cake was done. Photos of everyone were taken before we jumped on the bus to be taken to the evening reception for cocktails, live music and a fabulous dinner – the desert was a stage show in itself with fireworks and everything. Next came the usual dancing but with a few German traditions as well, also every a a piece of a picture to paint on a canvas for the couples as well as a recipe book made with recipes from each guest and we all got a post card to send on a certain date so they get one a week for a year. Unfortunately we had to head home the next day so we caught a double decker train to Hamburg and then the airport bus back to catch our flight home.

2002 – September

Didn’t I get spoilt for my birthday, apart from getting loads of pressies Ian surprised me with dinner at the Manor House a very exclusive hotel in Castle Combe which was absolutely lovely and silver service all the way. A friend from work invited us to her wedding in Wales, so we joined the convoy down to Pembroke where we were welcomed with good old Welsh hospitality – I’m sure the owner of the pub where we stayed had been on the piss since the day before, it sure was a laugh talking to him. We all got dolled up and headed to the reception for dinner, drinks and dancing. Next day we took the scenic route home via Pembroke castle and Temby beach.

2002 – August

Manchester held this years commonwealth games and luckily we managed to get tickets to the Rugby 7’s semi finals and the final of the Netball, both of which the kiwis had made it through and in the 7’s actually won. The netball was one of the most exciting games I have seen, even the blokes got right into it and were yelling even louder than us girls. We had Lots of visitors this month with Ian’s parents, Martin and Hillary, staying for 3 weeks, Aaron and Vicky poping in for a night before starting their Europe trek and also Brett and Jill came down from Edinburgh for a weekend. This meant doing all the touristy things the South West has to offer including Stonehenge, a maize maze (here I must mention in the girls v’s boys race the GIRLS won), Haynes museum (a must for blokes), Bath, Avebury, Lacock etc etc….. This was a good opportunity to get the old BBQ out and for Ian to show off his culinary skills, hope everyone liked well done!

2002 – July

It was time to visit Edinburgh so we hired a car for the weekend and drove up for Richard and Kiki’s leaving drinks – it was good to be back in the social circle again and the weekend was spent eating, drinking, and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Before we left Scotland we stopped in Aird, where Ian’s mum was born and visited the church where his grandmother Molly is buried. Richard and Kiki dropped in for a night on their way to Germany where they plan to live for the next few years – guess the phone bill will be getting bigger!

2002 – June

The Queens jubilee gave us a 4 day weekend and an excuse to hire a car to trip about, Saturday was spent in Woodstock at Blenheim palace where Winston Churchill was born, the palace was very elaborate and the gardens perfection, the, maze however was a little disappointing and looked a bit scruffy. We then carried on to Oxford for a bit of shopping and an evening row on the river Thames before dinner with Karen & Gavin. Sunday had us heading off south to Wookey hole caves and paper making factory I have to admit these cave even rival Waitomo and our guide was brilliant. Next we headed to Chedder but it was so manic with people we just kept on trucking to our destination for the night, the Golant YHA. Here we saw our first Badgers who get fed by the chefs every night, solid little critters, a bit on the shy side. The following day we headed (quite by accident) to Goonhilly earth station, with 40 satellite dishes this is the most important communications link in Britain, all I could think about is that Aussie movie “the dish” with Sam Neill and them playing cricket in the dish. We then got back on the right track to St Michaels Mount, the tides weren’t with us so we had to catch a ferry rather than walk to the island then a short walk to the top to check out the castle. Penanze and Mousehole was next befor heading to Lands End which was the biggest disappointment as it so commercial with a monster of a building and charges to get in – I had expected to see lonely rugged cliffs with a walking track. Home was calling so we headed back to a good nights sleep, the next day had us driving round Bristol with me getting very frustrated as we kept driving round in circles getting lost, but we eventually found the places we were looking for.